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What is the goal of the ad campaign? (ONLY 1)Page likes, sales, website visits, app installs, post likes, salesmandatory
What budget do you have in mind? Ideally what is the monthly total spends budget or per day budgetmandatory
What is your target geographic location?shipping countries, specific cities ?mandatory
Who are your target demographic audience wise age, genderOptional
Do you have any platform preferences?FB, Instagram, Twitter, Googleoptional
Please provide us a list of products/services you want us to promote?
Are your payment methods/preferences enabled on Google/Facebook?
Are you willing to provide us advertiser access? (Y/N)
What is the run time you have in mind?1 week, 1 month etc mandatory
Do you have any platform preferences?stock photos or custom creatives?mandatory
Is there anything you want us to avoid using in the ad text ? ex : certain products/ phone numbers/ any specific content optional
What is your USP (unique selling proposition) that distinguishes you from your competitors ?Same day delivery etc optional
Are there any offers/sales going on that you would like us to highlight?50% off, Mother's Day optional