Yes, all posts are shared with you via Facebook Messenger for your review before they are published online. You can preview, edit, delay, and approve posts in Facebook Messenger. 

If you need any changes made to the text embedded in the visual content, those changes are made by our Creatives team. Otherwise, you are capable of making any edits to the post within Facebook Messenger. Learn how to edit your posts in Facebook Messenger. 

Facebook Posts: All of your Winnow-created Facebook posts are automatically published to your Facebook page. It's as easy as that! 

Instagram Posts: All of your Winnow-created Instagram posts will need to be manually uploaded by the client due to third-party restrictions on Instagram's platform. 

Twitter Posts: If you have your Twitter Ads Manager page setup, Winnow can automatically publish Twitter posts on your behalf. 

Message from Winnow: "Hi, please remember that any scheduled posts will be published according to its scheduled date and time unless you Hold the post in Facebook Messenger. If you take no action, the post will still deploy at its scheduled date and time. Thanks!"